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How Justin Bieber Saved This Kid — New York Magazine

vidy paling keren

We were frightened that our son as we knew him was disappearing before our eyes. What choice did we have but to grudgingly heed the neurologists advice and put Theo back on Keppraat least his lethargy would be temporary, right? We had one condition, though: that we gradually decrease the dose. It didnt help. He was collapsing on the playground.

A writer’s life for me : Mental Health & Artists (1)

Where did this come from? Okay, Van Gogh probably didnt do us all any favours with that one, but are the archetypal artists who came and went years before us really the point of reference for anyone who paints, writes, or makes music in this present era? It hardly seems fair, and Im not convinced its accurate. Okay, maybe that should read entirely accurate. Continuing with where this stigma comes from, I also cant help but wonder whether its from the people who are close to these artists. Everyone loves it when theyre being painted, or written about, but when you break someones heart and instead of developing your character they start planning how to kill you off, suddenly theyre unhinged, unhappy, unstable.

5 Disgusting Things You Didn’t Know Was In Your Food | News, Facts & Other Information You Love – UncoverDiscover.com

Well if you like vanilla, strawberry, or raspberry chances are there might be some natural flavoring in the ingredients list. While most of us never questioned what natural flavoring is, my bet is that after reading this you may question it more often. Castoreum is an anal and urine secretion that comes from the castor sacs of male and female beavers.

A Writer’s Life For Me : Mental Health & Artists (1)

vidy paling keren

How Justin Bieber Saved This Kid — New York Magazine

Given some of the outright disgusting conversations that I overhear on an average night out, Im amazed that anything can be considered taboo in 2014, because many of us have the luxury of living in a no-boundaries society these days. Unless, of course, youre talking about problems with the human psyche, in which case you might as well lock yourselves away now and resign yourselves to a life of only discussing this topic with trained professionals who are paid to listen. Not for public consumption.

His blood sugar had plummeted to a dangerously low 23 (a normal range for an unmedicated kid is between 50 and 140), setting off two seizures, a minute-long one during his nap, followed by a five-minute seizure that would have gone on if we hadnt stopped it with a dose of lorazepam given to us by his neurologist in case of such an emergency. The doctors at Sinai surmised that Theos glucose levels had likely regularly hovered around 40 to 60. There was comfort in finally having a half-explanation for every weird thing that had been plaguing him.